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About us

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The inception of Superior Global Foundation (SGF) began in 2015, when the four-female gospel recording artists, Daughters of Christ, which formed in 2008, were led to do more. Members of this group are Shelia McIntosh, Tracy Fagans, LaTonya McDaniel and Petrina Williams Rush. As gospel recording artists, we realized that our music had a profound impact on all we met and ministered to around the world.  The music of Daughters of Christ encouraged and uplifted, but it was the connecting and engaging with members of our audiences after the concerts, which moved us most.  We realized that our goals of soul-winning and humanitarian outreach through song had led us to a pivotal but natural conclusion – the need to form a non-profit organization that would allow us to be able to impact the city in which we serve on a greater scale. From this desire to serve came SGF.

We seek to change perspectives by changing lives. We provide superior services by assisting, organizing, encouraging, and enlightening families in the community while focusing exclusively on aiding and serving others and making provisions through gathered resources.  

​As we implement the necessary programs within communities, we expect to see improved health due to awareness, improved crime rates as a result of recreational activities, decrease in unemployment rates due to increased education, and an increase in one's overall character.




The mission of Superior Global Foundation is to serve others by extending an arm of love to communities. We instill in families that you can dream beyond your reality. Nothing is impossible. We can conquer anything when we do it together.


We encourage and empower people to believe in possibilities that many have thought were unattainable. We want to provide general guidance and support to families to promote personal and social responsibility. We focus on keeping the mind and energy on things to help individuals live beneficial and successful lives.​


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