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Life-changing Programs


Drum Camp Program

The theme of this one-day drum camp is “Dream Again”. This camp allows the participants to be encouraged in the fact that they can do anything within their capabilities that we put their minds to. As long as you dream, you live. 

Don't stop dreaming. Don't stop believing. You can and you will.


Become A Partner

You can become a partner today! Join us in changing lives. We help others to have opportunities that they may not have otherwise been able to attain. We invest in people and empower them to go higher and further in life. You could be a part of this great movement. We are better together! Invest today!


Women's Empowerment Conference

The Empowerment Conference is a one-day motivational event developed for women navigating various life-stages. We engage in powerful dialogue on topics such as work-life balance, struggles associated to singleness, widowed, married, life after divorce, etc.  This conference is designed to present strategies and ideas that may help women develop similar ones to enhance their quality of life and improve their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.     



Music & Arts Conference

The Music and Arts Conference is a one-week event, completed over a 5-day period that allows participants to express their creativity musically, vocally or rhythmically in dance. Lessons consist of instruction on vocal health, various dance styles incorporated in liturgical worship, along with percussion and disc-jockey tutorials, choir and musician decorum and an introduction to the business aspects of persons in music careers. Conference lessons are presented over a four-day period and culminates with a concert showcasing participants as a conference choir.  In addition to the class offerings, each evening participants will attend the conference choir rehearsal where conference conductors will teach songs that will be performed live at a concert at the conclusion on the conference.



Stay tuned for more info regarding our other 1-2 day camps...

Dance & Vocal Camps - this camp is for individuals who have dance and voice aspirations and want to improve their skills and increase their confidence as they go forward in the art that they are passionate about pursuing

Acting & Comedian Camps - since the arts are being taking from school, this camp will get the students prepared for plays or movie roles

Make-Up Tutorial Camp - this camp will teach people how to do eyebrows, contouring, skin care, what products work for each individual, etc 

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